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About Visual Artist Natasha

Visual, Painting, Drawing and Graphic Artist Natasha

Natasha’s creative thought process and artistic sensibilities have shaped her life. She began drawing and painting at a very young age leading her to study art in different countries. In 2021, Natasha graduated from Concordia University, Irvine, with a Business Marketing Degree and a Minor in Studio Arts. After Natasha received her degree in business, she chose to pursue her passion as a full-time artist.

graphic artist

At her studio in Costa Mesa, California, Natasha focuses on abstract and figurative work. However, she is not one style of artist as she loves exploring and revisiting different mediums, techniques, and ideas. Natasha brings an extensive mastery of the elements of art and a natural sense of balance to create movement in each painting. Her art is a visual diary of energetic expression and emotion. She skillfully mixes various mediums into her acrylic paintings, working abstractly as she combines layers of paint with charcoal, pastels, spray paint and other mediums to further develop her visual language.

“My work is a continuous investigation of the human form and utilizing the elements of art as means of communication with my viewers. I love creating depth through layers, different textures, and using color to invoke emotion. I apply acrylic paint with a paintbrush or palette knife to my canvases as means of expression, always seeking to create abstract visualizations of my own life experiences and perspective. But art is subjective, and the viewer must examine the artwork and create their own emotional experience.”

Please contact Natasha today to inquire about this work, other available work or commissions. Your questions, requests and comments are encouraged! You are also welcome to sign up for Natasha’s latest art news above or follow her social media pages below that explore the wide range of her art interests including exploration in areas such as digital art and graphic artist ideas.